Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturday doubleheader (Sessions-Garvey)

For the first time since I started attending autograph signings I decided to go to 2 events the same day. First I headed over to Long Beach to the Ramon Sessions autograph signing that was scheduled from 3 to 4 pm. I got there at 12:45 and got a wristband at 1 pm, I ended up being number 149.

Some really cute girls from the Kumho Tires staff were handing out Lakers back sacks to every person who “liked” their facebook page. It’s always great to get free stuff; they also gave me a license plate frame after getting my autograph. Here’s a picture of the girls playing basketball:

At 1:40 the Kumho Tires staff handed out the last 30 wristbands they  had, there was easily like 50 more people in line but they wouldn’t get a Sessions autograph, but many of them staid for an autograph and a picture with 2 Laker Girls that got there at 2. Their names are: Natasha and Linette, both are rookies. Really cute and they were kind with the fans. They had a big line too, great for them.

Sessions arrived in a black Escalade at 3 pm sharp, but the people from Kumho Tires took him into the trailer and took some pictures with him afterwards. He started signing autographs for the fans approximately at 3:10, the policy was 1 per person . . . but I heard that there were a couple of guys who got more than 1. I got an 8 x 10 autographed, I asked him if he knew why their parents named him “Ramon” and if they were Latin, but it seems that it was his mom’s decision to name him that way. I know he’ll win multiple rings in LA.

By 3:50 pm I was in my car and driving towards Tustin, where Steve Garvey was scheduled to have an autograph signing from 4 to 6 at the local Nissan dealership. I got lost on the freeway, but managed to get there by 4:30 pm. Not a huge gathering, heard that many of the fans were in line for their second or third time.

It was great to see my good friends Alex from Lawler’s Law blog and Clint whom I met at a Matt Kemp signing last year. I also got the chance to say hi to David Park from David’sAutograph Signings, I really recommend you their blogs (Alex & David). They were like halfway into the line, but I don’t like to cut . . . so I went all the way to the back. They got some really nice items signed:

I was like 10 people away from meeting Mr. Garvey when his manager started pointing out that people who were in line for second or third time wouldn’t get more autographs and started pointing out some of them. I’m ok with that if there’s a big crowd, but there was a relatively small gathering and Steve Garvey was scheduled to be there for 2 hours, so I don’t see anything wrong with people getting in line again . . . except if they’re trying to sell them (the autographs), that I don’t like.

I decided to get a pair of 8 x 10’s signed by Garvey, one was actually the same picture that they were giving away for fans that didn’t have anything to get signed and the other was a print from one of his SI covers. He was really cool with me, as always I say hi and ask for the autograph(s) by saying please . . . that’s never too much. Actually, while he was signing I asked him about what he thinks of this year’s Dodgers and he thinks that it’s a good team but that they need to stay healthy.
Here are the auto’s:

And here’s the picture with him that he kindly allowed me to take:

Thanks to the Los Angeles Lakers, Ramon Sessions, Kumho Tires, America’s Tires of Long Beach and the Laker Girls for the Sessions autograph signing. And thank you to Tustin Nissan and Steve Garvey for their autograph signing.


  1. Two autos in one day is a always a great day! Nice job Harry.

    1. That's right DB! Let's hope we start getting a lot of them at Dodger Stadium!

  2. You even changed you shirt. Good planning!

    1. Had the blue jacket in the car . . . had to sport something blue for the autograph signing of a Dodger legend! Thanks for the comment!