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Dodgers vs. Brewers series

Game 1 (5/28/12):

Went to the Stadium and I got there with the mentality of staying late because I wanted to get Yovani Gallardo’s autograph, he’s one of the best Mexican pitchers in the MLB and I wanted to add him to my collection. So I had planned to stay after the game, but lucky he was running on the outfield during Dodgers BP. I approached him and he was cool enough to sign a pair of 8x10’s for me:

I was the happiest guy at the Stadium, I’ve followed this guy since his MLB debut  in 2007 and it meant a lot to me that he was really kind with me, I regret not asking him for a picture. Well, it seems like my day couldn’t get better, but Clayton Kershaw all of a sudden started signing autographs near to the place I was seated at. I ran over to him and he signed this 8x10 that I bought at Frank & Son a couple weeks ago, I asked him if he could personalize the autograph and I think that it messed up the auto because the “y” in “Harry” ended up being in the middle of his 4 letter auto:

Later Ted Lilly, who was put on the DL that day and was just standing near the pitchers while they were tossing baseballs,  walked towards the fans and was signing away. One of the few 8x10’s I had on me was one of him and here’s how it came out:

It was Memorial Day, so it was $1 Dodger Dog day. I ate a pair of them:

But there were fans with more than 1 Dodger Dog on them:

Cheap wedding proposal at the Stadium:

Game 2 (5/29/12):

“Infield” bobblehead night, that means that even BP was jam packed.

It was Jerry Hairston Jr.’s birthday, so his teammates bothered him for a couple of minutes before warming up.

Matt Kemp was back! Like usual, he was joking around with fans. A little boy accidentally got hit by a bad throw by Andre Ethier that Kemp wasn’t able to catch, Matt checked out if the kid was ok, Kemp promised that he’d give him the ball after he finished tossing it. Matt came over after doing so, gave the ball and signed some autographs . . . . unfortunately I struck out.

Something really terrible happened that day; a lady got smacked by a Dee Gordon foul ball that hit her right in the face. She needed medical attention because she was bleeding; I heard that she even got stiches that day. Gordon was worried and went to check out if she was ok; he gave her a bat that he signed with a “Sorry!” inscription.

Kershaw signing in back to back days? Yup! Unexpectedly Kershaw walked up to the fans and signed for 5 minutes, I tried to get him but wasn’t able to. Heard of a guy who got him to sign 4 times, that’s really weird because Clayton is one of those guys who recognizes faces really quick.


Garvey, Lopes, Cey and Russell threw out the first pitch. I heard of fans that were able to get autographs by Garvey and Russell, but I didn’t try to get them because I knew there was going to be a lot of people trying to do so because it was a sold-out game.

Game 3 (5/30/12)

It’s great to see a guy like Dee Gordon always having fun during BP.

I’ve been able to take pictures with some of the Dodgers players, but one that I haven’t had a chance to have one with is Matt Kemp. So I posed for a picture with my “The Real MVP” jersey while he was warming up during BP.

Jerry Hairston Jr. trivia time!! Jerry approached the fans that were watching BP and told them that if they answered the following question correctly he’d give them a baseball: “Who is the player who has batted into the most double-plays in MLB history?”, he probably asked that because in the previous game he grounded into a double play with no outs in the bottom of the 9th. Nobody answered correctly, so he told the fans that he’d be back later but that they couldn’t google it.

Here’s Nathan Eovaldi signing a baseball for a little girl:

Ted Lilly & Matt Guerrier didn’t take part of BP, but they walked out to the dugout for a couple of minutes:

Good call by the Dodgers of having the Kings game on Dodgervision before the Dodgers game, fans celebrated the first LA goal:

I hanged around the expensive seats because I knew that Freddie Roach was going to throw out the first pitch that day, so I wanted to get his autograph (again). While I was waiting Ron Cey walked by and signed for all the fans, I got him on the playbill that was given out that week:

Freddie arrived early, but was taken immediately to the field by Dodgers staff. They took him to meet Tommy Lasorda and other of the people that were there. “Sweet” Lou Johnson walked by and I took the opportunity for him to sign my ticket stub in which he was featured. By the way I asked with a “please” and while he was signing it I said “thank you”, he said that he appreciates when fans do that (that it’s not that often).

A couple of minutes later I saw that Freddie Roach approached Cat Belanger from the Dodgers and asked her: “Can I go and sign autographs for the fans?”, Freddie is one of the class acts in sports. I’ve seen him a couple of times before and have had the opportunity to be inside his gym per invitation of a pro boxer who’s a friend of mine and the only thing I’ve seen out of him is kindness towards people. He had HBO cameras following him because they’re recording the 24/7 series prior to the Pacquiao-Bradley fight. Here are some pictures of him signing for fans:

He signed an 8x10 I printed out of when I saw him at San Antonio earlier this year and my boxing glove that I got signed by Emanuel Steward:

I hanged around a little bit more because Tommy Lasorda was still on the field, I had hopes that he would sign an 8x10 of a picture that I have with him, unfortunately he didn’t sign. But he did spend a good minute with a baby that was sitting on the first row, nice gesture from Mr. Lasorda:

A couple of minutes later the NJ Devils scored a goal to tie the game against the Kings, the Dodger Stadium crowd booed it:

It’s not often when you see MLB players asking for autographs, but here’s Ivan De Jesus who asked Freddie Roach to sign a baseball for him:

Freddie started warming up his right arm for the first pitch, I was worried about him because he has Parkinson’s and I didn’t think he would do so well. To my surprise he nailed it! He was throwing the ball to Javy Guerra and he totally aced it.

When the game started I sat by the Dodgers bullpen to hear upclose & personal everything that fans were screaming at Ryan Braun, it was kind of fun! Here's a video, actually a guy got kicked out for flippin' Ryan Braun.

Seattle scored 21 runs on the Rangers? Yes!

After the game I went to the elevator towards the reserve level, noticed that there were only 3 people standing outside the press box and I decided to stay, who knows? Maybe Vin will stop to sign one day . . . no, he didn’t stop that day.

Game 4 (5/31/12)

My little sister (well, she’s 16 now . . . but she’ll be my lil’ sis forever) had been asking me for a while for me to take her to a Dodger game, so I decided that it was a great game to take her. It was great seeing her have fun at the Stadium, took her early so she could enjoy BP. I gave her one of my new baseballs for her to get signed, but I also helped her out taking pics with some players: Javy Guerra & Chris Capuano were cool enough to take a picture with her:

She actually did pretty good with her ball that day, she got autographs by Ivan De Jesus, Chris Capuano and Scott Van Slyke during BP.

Later on she tried to catch a ball, but batters weren’t hitting to our side . . . . fortunately Louie was kind enough to throw a ball at her and she was really excited to catch it with my glove.

While we were having lunch I noticed that Joe Torre was on the field, a reader of the blog approached me on Monday to tell me that he was lucky enough to get Torre to sign for him on Sunday at the Club level . . . so I told my friend Josh (Dodgerbobble) that our best shot was to go up there and wait. Certainly enough, Mr. Torre didn’t sign by the tunnel downstairs and later walked by us and said that he would “sign later”. Some people didn’t believe him and left, but a couple of minutes later he walked out and signed autographs until the elevator got there, luckily me & my sister were able to get him.

This card my friend Josh got signed came out great:

While we were waiting for Mr. Torre, Stan Kasten walked by and my sister took a picture with him. By the way I want to apologize with Mr. Kasten because my sister stepped accidentally on his foot.

We did the bullpen that day . . . . well, my sister did because I already got all the guys. Elbert, Guerra and Lindblom signed for her.

Bobby Abreu only threw one ball to the fans after warming up between innings, not even this guy with a huge glove convinced him at throwing a ball at him.

It was great hosting my friend Agustin & his daughter Sophie at the Stadium, they’re from Riverside and are Angels fans, but I’m trying to persuade them to be Dodgers fans because we’re better!

Abreu got pulled of the game in the 8th inning to bring in Alex Castellanos, who earlier that day got brought up to take Matt Kemp’s spot (because he got sent to the DL). I recognized him as soon as he was running towards left field and started screaming his name and wishing him luck in Spanish (my dumbass thought he was born in Latin America, he’s from Miami), he turned over and thanked us. I was thinking that that gesture might’ve meant that he was thinking of throwing a ball towards us, he threw a ball to the LF Pavilion right after he was brought into the game and in the 9th inning he threw it towards us and my sister caught it! That was so cool, now she wants to get It signed by him . . . she’s going to get addicted on this hobby now.

The Dodgers lost their 4th game in a row, but I had so much fun with my little sister at the Stadium and I know I’m going to bring her more times to the Stadium.

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