Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dustin Brown Appearance Recap

This was the first time that I went to a NHL autograph signing, so I didn’t know what to expect. I had debated since Wednesday at what time I should arrive, I ended up going for 7 am as the ideal time to be there. So after a 45 minute drive from my house I arrived at the Panorama City Living Spaces and there was a line of approximately 50 people, so I was in a good spot in line (the signing open for the first 300 fans in line).

There was some hardcore Kings fans there, check out this guy that had 2 brand new tattoos related to the Kings:

Approximately at 8:30 am Living Spaces employees opened the store and started giving out wristbands and let a first group inside. Around 9 I went for breakfast and on my way back I took this picture, I’d say that there were 150 to 200 fans at that time.

Around 10:10 am the first fans in line were coming out with their autographed items, some of them with more than 1 auto.

At 10:30 am I got into the store, where I noticed that he was only signing one item per person because the store personnel took your item and put it on the table, while another person stopped everybody that was trying to get more than 1 thing signed. That happened to Joel, who was in front of me and Dustin said “I’m sorry” after the security guy didn’t allow him to get his puck autographed after he got a jersey signed.

Dustin signed this Stanley Cup 2012 Champions puck for me; I was debating either in getting it in black or silver . . . . but I let him decide and he autographed in black.

Thanks to Dustin Brown, the LA Kings and Living Spaces for this event.

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  1. It came out nice! Kings fans are pretty hardcore.