Monday, July 2, 2012

Dodgers On Field Photo Day

I didn’t know what to expect, it was my first time at the event . . . . so I got there early (gates opened @ 1:30 and I got there @ 1).

Luckily I was in the first 50 in line and got in to pick the spot that I wanted to wait at. Me and my buddy Alex decided to stay in the last section, it seemed that the players picked wherever they wanted to start taking pictures with fans. I knew that players don't sign autographs at this event, so I was with hopes of taking pictures with the guys that I know are tough to get pictures with at BP.

I noticed that Matt Treanor was the first player walking around, he’s actually one of the coolest players with the fans, I love interacting with the guy during BP. I went over, said hi and took a picture with him.

Then Scott Elbert was around and I went to take a pic with him:

Fortunately A.J. Ellis decided to walk thru the section we were at, I wished him luck and congratulated him for the awesome season he’s having.

For a good 10 to 15 minutes no players walked by us, they were all hanging around in the groups that were closer to the Dodgers dugout. The next player to walk by was Chad Billingsley, he took a picture with me . . . . this was one of the players that I had a hard time getting a pic with him during BP, I asked him while he was signing autos and he always said no.

Josh Lindblom is also a cool guy, even though I already had a pic with him (which he already signed) I asked for another one because he wasn’t wearing glasses and he’s one of the best relief pitchers on the team.

Shawn Tolleson & Clayton Kershaw were walking right next to each other, I was debating whether if I should ask Shawn for a photo because in the meantime Clay could've walked right by us. But I saw that Kershaw stopped with a small group ahead of us and how not many fans recognized Shawn walking by them I decided to ask him for a picture.

 Fortunately I did that, because Kershaw walked right by us and didn’t even say hi, he was stopping just with kids.

Dodgers photography extraordinaire Jon Soo Hoo was there taking pictures, I said hi and asked him for a picture and he said “you want me to take a picture of you?”, I said “No, with you!”, he was surprise but walked over and posed.

Tony Gwynn Jr. and Dee Gordon posed for pictures with everybody in the last section, they took a while to get to our little group but they got there.

Matt Kemp started taking pics with fans in the section right next to ours, but when he got to ours he wasn’t stopping for pictures. But he saw my “The Real MVP” jersey and he accepted to stop and pose for a pic, the moment I had been waiting for a long time! My dumba** didn’t show the jersey completely, but I got my picture with Kemp!! YEAH!!

My final photo of the day was with Scott Van Slyke, I hope he makes it in the majors because I got the ticket stubs of his debut & his first MLB HR signed and with the inscriptions.

By the way, former Dodger Tim Leary was there with a pair of kids and he was able to get autographs for them from Van Slyke and Guerra. They first told the kids that they couldn’t sign, but when Leary told them who he was and flashed his WS Champion ring they signed their ticket stubs. Here’s a funny picture, it seems that Mr. Leary was suffering with the heat and decided to take his shirt off . . . . funny and weird.

Before leaving the field Alex helped me out with this picture, on RF of Dodger Stadium . . . . yes, with my “The Real MVP” jersey!!

My last pic on my way out was this dude laying down on right field . . . . guess he had a hangover.

It was an awesome experience, I definitely want to go to this event next year and take my nephew Alex (who will be 1 year old) to take him pictures with current Dodgers and start making him a die-hard Dodger fan.

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