Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dodgers vs. Padres Series Recap

Game 1 (7/13/12)

I was really anxious of going to this series, unfortunately I had to stay at my sister’s office until 8:30 pm, when the clock hit 8:30 Matt Kemp was on his second at bat, so I tweeted this:

Guess what? Matt Kemp hit a single; I was on my way to the Stadium! The only problem is that I set the alarm without locking the front door, as I was walking up the hill I got a call that the alarm went off when a customer went inside the office . . . good thing is that my parents are so cool and they went and fixed the problem, letting me watch the rest of the game.

There was somebody at my seat and I always hate when people arrive late and move other fans from their seats, so what I did is that I saw a couple of seats available next to my friends Alex season seats and I hanged out with him at his sister.

I sat down in the sixth inning and one inning later Mark Ellis hit the 2 run HR with which the Dodgers won the game! I didn’t stay afterwards to graph’ the Padres because I don’t really like any of their players.

Game 2 (7/14/12)

Autograph Alley at Dodger Stadium was great @ this home stand; Paul Lo Duca was programmed to be there on Saturday. Instead of going inside the Stadium for BP I decided to wait outside in the line, Mr. Lo Duca got there a couple of minutes before 4:10 pm (time he was supposed to start autographs) and started signing ASAP. There was a rumor he was going to be giving his short autograph and personalizing everything, only half of it was truth . . . he was personalizing everything he signed.

Here are some items I saw other fans got signed, 16x20’:

Catchers’ chest protector, I’m almost sure it was game used by Lo Duca:

The head from his bobblehead, it actually came off the bobblehead when the fan gave it to him:

I got a Dodger Stadium 50th Anniversary ball signed by him, like always I like chatting with the person while I’m getting my autograph and I asked him what he thought about AJ Ellis, he said he thinks he’s a terrific catcher and that the Dodgers made a great job with him.

Going into the Stadium the line was kind of big, of course . . . . bobblehead night, the bad thing is that the Dodgers just had 1 person scanning tickets, really? Come on, they should know better than that!

Tried out “Aisle 27” to get Kemp, AJ Ellis or Dee Gordon, but the only one who came over was Luis Cruz. I already had him sign a baseball on the SS for me on his Dodgers Debut, so I didn’t go for it that day.

What’s the biggest amount of bobbleheads you’ve gotten on the same day? The biggest amount for me is 1, I don’t need anymore and I always go by myself. How many do you think this guy had

Another wedding proposal @ Dodger Stadium . . . . guys it’s getting boring.

We verified it was this guy’s dream, after the lady said yes he made the homerun move, the soldier salute and the Matt Kemp pose after hitting a HR (pointing to the sky).

Tommy John was at the Stadium that day, so I really wanted to get his autograph. When the game was about to finish I rushed to field level and waited by the section he was seated at, he’s the guy in the pink shirt at the Owners Box.

The impossible happened, Kenley Jansen had an epic meltdown and I recorded it:

Well, the Dodgers didn’t have a comeback and we ended up losing. I struck out with getting Tommy John . . . . momentarily, because I went up the stairs to the club level to take the elevator towards the reserve level, guess who walked out of the elevator? Tommy John, the pink shirt helped me out big time. He was kind enough to sign a baseball for me on the SS, I think the auto didn’t come out nice . . . but I know Tommy John signed it for me.

Game 3 (7/15/12)

Sunday game at 1 pm means no BP, but I got there early anyways (by early in a Sunday I mean 2 hours before game time).

Hanged out by the bullpen, but there was not much going on. My boy “Cochito” Cruz was chatting it up with Steve Yeager.

Dodgers rookie Josh Wall had a bullpen session, hope he gets a chance to pitch soon.

No autographs that day, meaning I only got 2 autographs in a 3 game series . . . probably the lowest amount of auto’s I got in a series this season and meaning this is the most boring post I've done, hope you still enjoyed it. I can tell you guys and gals, I'm 100% sure you're going to enjoy the next series recap (vs. Phillies), I'm going to try to upload it ASAP.


  1. Good call on not graphing the Padres. Most of them are nobodies.

  2. I agree on the marriage proposals, I think they're getting old.

    Good job getting Tommy John!