Monday, October 22, 2012

Living the dream

Hi everybody! I’m really sorry for the lack of posts, but fortunately I’ve been really busy with a lot of work over here in my new job.

As part of the gig I’ve done the play by play for UTEP Football in Spanish radio. My first game was against OU, man . . . I never thought I would call a football game, and with the Sooners playing in it? Wow!

Here are pictures of the places I’ve been to call the Miners away games.

Our first trip was to Oxford, Mississippi. Vaught-Hemingway Stadium is awesome, we (me & color commentator Eddy Rubio) were placed on the camera deck, which was awesome because it didn’t rain and we were on the 50 yard line.

After getting our radio stuff ready we headed over to the Grove, which is recognized for having the best tailgating experience in sports. I need to go there as a sports fan one of these days . . . . simply amazing to walk thru there, can't imagine how it would be to just be there to party!

Our next stop was Madison, Wisconsin for the game versus the Badgers. We had the chance to stop by Camp Randall on the day before the game for UTEP’s walk thru. Here’s my picture over the Wisconsin “W” at the 50 yard line.

It was an 11 am game, so we got there at 7 am on game day. Here I am freezing my a** off at 7:30 am inside the Stadium. Fortunately we got a booth that day that protected me from the weather.

Next stop was Greenville, North Carolina for the game versus the Pirates. They represent East Carolina University, but East Carolina doesn’t really exist (really, look for it on a map). There was also a walk thru the day prior to the game: Dowdy Ficklen Stadium is cool, relatively small.

Me setting everything up for the radio broadcast.
Me recording some video during pre-game warm ups on the field.
It was supposed to rain during the game, unluckily we were at the photo deck that day and it rained so bad that the game was suspended for 90 minutes and I got really wet that day.

Our last stop so far was Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a Thursday game and we got there on Wednesday. This is H.A. Chapman Stadium.

We were also at the photo deck, but it didn’t rain that day.

I’ll be back over there like 2 or 3 more times this year for UTEP Basketball games.

Well, I still have 2 more trips left with the football team: Houston this Saturday (Robertson Stadium) and Hattiesburg on November 17 (M.M. Roberts Stadium). And then basketball starts November 9th and I’ll travel to places like Tucson, Orlando, Fort Collins, New Orleans, Birmingham, etc.

I miss all the autograph experiences I had at LA, supporting my teams, having my family and friends with me, but this is for my future . . . . and no doubt about it, I’m living the dream!  
Promise I'll try to post more stuff soon! Thanks for visiting.


  1. Continue living the dream! Glad everything is going great!

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  3. I found your blog via your YouTube TNA fan interaction video. If you're ever in Orlando on a Thursday, e-mail me. I will get you VIP'd into the TNA live tapings. I'm there every week, and I know everyone. Good luck with the new job, it looks great!
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