Monday, August 19, 2013

Summerslam Axxess Saturday - Session 1

Like many of you know, I'm a huge wrestling fan. Summerslam was held in L.A. once again, so I planned my vacation considering that.

WWE usually has a 2 day Fan Fest before Summerslam where fans get to meet superstars (wrestlers) & Divas (female wrestlers).

I bought tickets for 3 VIP sessions: John Cena, CM Punk & Shawn Michaels.  Buying VIP tickets allows you to enter before the general admission ticketed fans, plus a guaranteed autograph and photo with the VIP Superstar you paid for.

I arrived for the 11 am session @ 9:30 and there was already 100 fans in front of me. 30 minutes later there was already like 400. For general admission there was easily 1,000.

VIP ticketed fans were allowed in 10 minutes before 11 am. So, being inside with less than 150 fans would be a great chance to get an autograph with no line ..... the issue was that WWE didn't let you know where, which and when superstars would be signing. So I had 2 choices, get in a line without knowing who would sign there or wait until the superstar/diva came out.

Daniel Bryan was walking around with Larry King before signing his V.I.P. session, ignored every fan that even said hi to him.

I wandered around until I saw the 'Primetime Players' come out, got into their line (I was like the 6th). Got their autograph quickly, unfortunately the WWE employee that was there didn't want to take a picture of me with O'Neil & Young.

Afterwards I noticed that Eva Marie was signing autographs,  she's a new Diva featured in the E! Entertainment show "Total Divas".

 She had like a 15-20 minute line , so I decided to give it a shot. Plus I had the Maxim Magazine issue she had a feature in, so it would be great to get it signed.

When it was my turn I asked her to sign with a red marker I had. She taught that was really cool because it combined with her red hair.

She was cool enough to take a picture with me.

John Cena was signing from 11 to 1, so I decided to go get my guaranteed autograph and photo op. Met this cool guy Kash from Washington,  who we later helped each other out with telling each other which superstars were where.

Cena was supposed to only sign 1 item, but he was signing whatever you put in front of him. So I decided to get my July 2013 WWE Magazine cover & the matted 8×10 picture that was included in the VIP premium price.


Even thought CM Punk is my favorite wrestler, I told Cena I respected the heck out of him for what he does for the company.

While walking to see which were the superstars that were signing, I noticed Sam Roberts, he has a show on Sirius XM and uploads great wrestling interviews on YouTube. Asked him for a picture, dude is great! What's the haps'?

One of the Divas that was signing was Rosa Mendes with Sin Cara, I've had a huge crush on Rosa since she was Primo & Epico's manager, that dance she did in her entrance was amazing!

But her line was like a 30 minute line with only 5-10 minutes before the superstar change at 1 pm, so I headed towards the place where the superstars were walking out of. Mick Foley walked by me and I snapped this pic with my iPhone.

Current IC champ Curtis Axel walked out, so I went to his line (like 45 minute line). I was kind of bummed that Paul Heyman (his 'manager') didn't sign autographs with him, because Curtis said on twitter that both of them would be there.

Line went down smooth, got Curtis Axel (Curt Henning's son) to sign a picture of him with the Vince McMahon trophy (WWE Fantasy Football League) when he won it in the 2010 season. Asked him who he drafted as QB this season, he said he went with Peyton Manning. I think that's a very solid choice.

By the way, a guy that was standing on the outside told him that he had met his dad when he was still alive to what Curtis replied with a "I'm going to be better". We shall see!

I had 2 options, get in Wade Barrett's line with around 45 minutes before AXXESS Session 1 was finished or go to eat somewhere (I didn't have breakfast before leaving home), so I went for something to eat. Pretty bummed that the ESPN Zone was closed, so I walked around and found a taco truck where I bought 3 tacos, a coke and a Gatorade for $7. Cheap and a good fix to get ready for session 2.

6 autographs from 4 superstars & 1 diva, solid result from Axxess session 1.

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