Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Summerslam Axxess Sunday - Session 3

Sorry for the delay, I've been crazy busy at work! I'm at Ft. Lauderdale waiting a connection to another flight that is going to take 3 hours, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to finally attach the pics to this post that was supposed to go up 3 months ago:

Last session for fans to meet fans. WWE had announced a list of Superstars/Divas that were scheduled to appear, but didn't specify if they would sign autographs, make an appearance in the NXT ring or otherwise.

This time as I entered I went straight to the National Guard stage, which had like 15 fans in it already . . . . but when I heard that Kofi Kingston was going to be the Superstar signing I decided to go to another one (no disrespect to Kofi, but I was looking for a bigger name).

I went over to the Doritos Jacked stage, which was the only one without anybody in line, waited there for around 10 minutes without nobody getting onto the stage. I was freaked out about the possibility of a tag team to go there because there was 3 markers with 3 different autograph pages set up there.

But I was lucky enough that Damien Sandow (current WHC Money In The Bank holder - NOT ANYMORE) was the designated superstar to sign there. I was the very first one to get his autograph & a picture with him, he was kind of serious . . . but I was just happy for hitting a homerun in that opportunity.

 Sandow attracted a lot of fans to his lines, which left the other ones not that big for the rest of the fans.

Saw that the Zack Ryder line was like a 20 minute line and took advantage of it. Got his autograph, which he inscribed with his WWWYTHI (Woo Woo Woo, You Know It) inscription and a photo with him too.

Right next to him were 2 superstars in the same stage: Justin Gabriel & Tensai/Sweet T, which had a very short line. So with the intention of getting the most amount of autographs in the session I went in it.

Gabriel signed an article from the April 2013 WWE Magazine he was featured in and Tensai this picture that was also from another WWE Magazine issue.

The WWE person that was up there taking pictures for the fan cut off Justin Gabriel from the pic, so I only got a photo with Tensai.

 There was 1 hour left before the Superstars/Divas switch from the ones that were there to the new ones. I saw that Kofi (line I was first in and then bailed) was signing with Rosa Mendes, like I mentioned in the previous post . . . . I have a huge crush on Rosa.

While I was in line, I was carrying 2 foam 30x20's that were protecting my Shawn Michaels 30x20 photo I was going to get signed. I thought that a cool way to attract Rosa was to do a "I love Rosa" sign in Spanish.

Line was easily going to take 1 hour, so while I was in it I made that sign and sure enough while she was going on stage after signing for handicap fans, she noticed it, waived at me and blew a kiss to me.

That was good, but the line was pretty slow and surely enough 3 people before me the line was stopped because R-Truth had arrived to do his autograph session, I was looking to Rosa and she told me: "I got you".

Sure enough, Rosa told the WWE personell to let me walk up, they also allowed the 2 guys that I was talking to in line to get their autographs and a picture taken with Kofi and Rosa.

 Rosa & Kofi both signed an autograph for me.

Afterwards Rosa let me take a picture with her standing next to me (but Kofi kind of blocked part of her face). 

Rosa also asked me to take a picture with her for her twitter account that she later uploaded on instagram and twitter. Now that was awesome!

When the switch for other superstars happened I started walking around to see who was there. No doubt that I wanted to get Jim Ross' autograph (WWE HOF announcer). While I was in line for J.R. a huge crowd started roaring, Rob Van Dam was on his way to the stage that was next to ours. Some fans left J.R. line, but I stayed because I had already met RVD when he was with TNA last year.

Line wasn't too bad, got to the stage like 40 minutes later. Jim Ross is a huge Oklahoma Sooners Football supporter that travels with the team to most of the games they play, OU played their season opener last year in El Paso against UTEP . . . . but I wasn't able to meet him because I was up at the press box calling the game and he was on the field. Talked to him for a minute about college football, it was great meeting a legend of wrestling broadcasting ..... never thought that his 'retirement' would be announced a month later.

 After getting JR's autograph I went back to the Shawn Michaels VIP signing, fortunately one of the guys that I met at the Rosa & Kofi line was kind of in the middle of the pack and told me to get in line with him, that easily saved me around 20-30 minutes.

Like I mentioned earlier, I had a 30x20 from Shawn Michaels' entrance in his final match ever (Wrestlemania 28) ..... a lot of people in line thought it was pretty awesome when I took it out. And that's what I was thinking about when I paid that kind of money for these autograph's (Cena, Punk & HBK), better get something very cool signed by them if I'm paying that much.

When I saw Michaels I noticed his beard, no doubt the picture didn't come out like I expected it ..... that facial hair makes him really hard to distinguish as the 'Heartbreak Kid'.

As he signed my picture, I asked him if he could please inscribe 'Mr. Wrestlemania' ..... the WWE assistant immediately said "No personalization", I replied that it wasn't a personalization .... Shawn simply said "Sorry man, there's a lot of people in line and if I inscribe for everyone it'll take me forever". I understood it, still think it came out pretty sweet.

All in all I think that session 3 was my favorite session of the weekend, got lucky with the Sandow line .... got 5 more 'superstars' to sign in the first group and then got a pair of HOF'ers in the last couple of hours.

There's rumors that Summerslam might be heading out of LA for next year. Hope that doesn't happen because I enjoyed building my vacation around it and had a blast at the show that was a really good card from start to finish.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

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